Battery Storage System Lease

Welcome to Prisma Energy LLC

Who We Are

Prisma Energy is an Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) company that provides an integrated energy storage and finance solution for applications in utility, industrial and commercial markets in North America. We offer our products through a short-term lease. 

Our solutions are designed and procured around our customer’s use-case, either behind- or in-front-of-the meter. In addition, the asset can provide an opportunity around daily arbitrage for energy used within the system and ancillary services where available.

Prisma Energy LLC was capitalized in 2017 through a well-established private equity firm (Yorktown Capital), and specializes in producing a one-stop solution for Energy Storage. 

Our seasoned energy team manages a large facility and over 120 MWs of energy storage assets. We maintain relationships with large battery suppliers and ESS package engineers and integrators.

With our extensive experience and expertise in energy systems, we can assure delivery of projects with long-term performance and energy savings.

Receive the Benefit of Ownership without the Associated Risks

BESS Applications