Battery Storage Lease

Prisma Energy offers a 5-year lease, which is unique in the market. This provides customers with access to battery storage systems without a long-term commitment to technology.     

Prisma Energy Lease Framework

Prisma Energy works with the Lessee to define the use case for the system, which includes the battery energy storage system (BESS) through power conversion to 480 VAC, including the plant control system (EMS).


We would need to know:

  • Estimated number of cycles 
  • Desired charge and discharge rate for the battery 
  • Communications & controls interface requirements 
  • When you want the BESS at your site
  • Site conditions and location

Based on this feedback, we specify the system and provide a fixed monthly lease price to the Lessee. Prisma Energy performs system maintenance over the term, while the Lessee owns the revenue streams from the system and any investment tax credits (ITC) available for using the system. 

The Lessee is responsible for dispatching the system, while Prisma Energy takes the performance degradation risk and the terminal value risk. The Lessee is also responsible for the system interconnect and disconnect, if required. At the conclusion of the 5-year term, the Lessee has the option to terminate, re-lease, or purchase the system. 

The systems we lease are generally between 250 kWh and 25 MWh. We use several different vendors and integrators, but exclusively use LFP battery chemistry for safety and reliability.


Prisma Energy Lease Process


Typical Prisma Energy Lease Structure


Prisma Energy Lease Solution Table

BESS Applications