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Behind-the-meter storage applications can benefit commercial and industrial companies through management of peak energy demand. A behind-the-meter energy storage system can also support supply through disruptions and fluctuations affecting high-value manufacturing processes and critical services, such as data warehouses. If demand charges are becoming a significant part of annual electricity bills, companies should consider a behind-the-meter solution designed around peak demand charge savings with added reliability benefits.

The Prisma Energy Lease is well suited for C&I end users wanting to realize the benefits of energy storage without a long-term contract or capital commitment. Prisma Energy (lessor) provides the capital and the customer (lessee) maintains the exclusive right to use the equipment for a fixed monthly fee. Prisma Energy is responsible for the design, delivery, and maintenance of the system. At the end of the contract, the lessee has the option to purchase the system, continue the lease, or request Prisma Energy to recover the system at the end of the lease term. We can also maximize the profitability of the system based on the customer’s requests by providing the licensing required for access to external power markets of various types.  


  • No upfront capital expenditures with operating expenses which pay for themselves
  • Technology selection and design risk shifted to Prisma Energy
  • Procurement, delivery, and removal risk shifted to Prisma Energy
  • Reduces or eliminates need for capital expenditures/approvals
  • Lessee captures 100 percent of storage system savings and ancillary services revenue
  • Prisma Energy can include finance for DC degradation to maintain system capacity over the term
  • Five-year system, component, and degradation warranty

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