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Battery Storage project developers face challenges similar to those of solar and wind developers during the time those technologies were being introduced to the market. The time and costs associated with meeting project finance requirements are limiting opportunities in markets which can be economically served.   

In addition, contract tenures of ten or more years are often difficult for offakers in an environment where pricing and technology are changing rapidly. The advantages of Prisma Energy’s short-term operating lease for storage systems will open markets and enhance the viability of merchant projects. 


  • No upfront capital expenditures for the battery energy storage system (BESS)
  • Technology selection and design risk shifted to Prisma Energy
  • Procurement, delivery, and removal risk shifted to Prisma Energy
  • Reduces or eliminates need for capital expenditures/approvals
  • Lessee captures 100 percent of storage system savings and ancillary services revenue
  • Prisma Energy can include finance for DC degradation to maintain system capacity over the term
  • Five-year system, component, and degradation warranty

Short-Term Lease

BESS Applications