How we help

Prisma Energy helps customers reduce their energy demand charges, generate income with ancillary services, increase overall grid reliability, and accomplish their sustainability goals. 

We provide a unique energy storage lease agreement that means no upfront capital expense, no design or technology risk, lessee captures 100% of the savings and revenue generated, and component/degradation warranty.  

Prisma Energy works with the Lessee to define the use case for the system, which includes the battery energy storage system (BESS) through power conversion to 480 VAC, including the plant control system (EMS). We would need to know:

  • Estimated number of cycles 
  • Desired charge and discharge rate for the battery 
  • Communications & controls interface requirements 
  • When you want the BESS at your site
  • Site conditions and location

Based on this feedback, we specify the system and provide a fixed monthly lease price to the Lessee. Prisma Energy performs system maintenance over the term, while the Lessee owns the revenue streams from the system and any investment tax credits (ITC) available for using the system.   


Who we help

Prisma Energy supports a broad range of commercial & industrial, municipal & cooperative, project developers, and retail electric providers. Our solutions are designed and procured around our customer’s use-case, either behind- or in-front-of-the meter.  With our extensive experience and expertise in energy systems, we can assure delivery of projects with long-term performance and energy savings. 


Addressing a market need

The vast majority of energy storage projects in North America are

complicated by financial sharing relationships, requiring long sales cycles and longer repayment terms for debt and equity. Financing energy storage projects using Prisma Energy's equity to offer short-term contracts allows customers to utilize battery systems with limited project exposure with 100% of the upside. Receive the benefits of ownership without the associated risk. 

About us

Prisma Energy Solutions LLC was capitalized in 2017 and specializes in producing a one-stop solution for energy storage. 

Our seasoned energy team maintains relationships with large battery suppliers and ESS package engineers and integrators.

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