What we offer

Battery storage systems can address several needs for municipalities and cooperatives. Prisma Energy’s short-term lease can facilitate implementation of one or multiple systems within your territory as a non-capital system expenditure, where our lease cost is more than offset by the benefits of operating the storage system. Operations of the storage system are the responsibility of the municipality or cooperative and can be tied directly into your SCADA or system controls. We do not require your billing statements or agreements for energy supply. 

Our storage systems are uniquely designed around your technical service needs and cycle requirements. We provide small cabinet-sized systems for installation at your customer's 480-Volt connection, as well as sizable containerized systems of 2MWh and up for larger customers or system support & reliability. 


  • No upfront capital expenditures with operating expenses which pay for themselves
  • Technology selection and design risk shifted to Prisma Energy
  • Procurement, delivery, and removal risk shifted to Prisma Energy
  • Reduces or eliminates need for capital expenditures/approvals
  • Lessee captures 100 percent of storage system savings and ancillary services revenue
  • Prisma Energy can include finance for DC degradation to maintain system capacity over the term
  • Five-year system, component, and degradation warranty

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