Retail Electric Providers


What We Offer

A behind-the-meter battery storage offering for your Commercial and Industrial customers can be a differentiator in a competitive bidding situation. In addition to tangible benefits, such as emergency backup power and power conditioning, a retail electric provider can integrate peak demand savings into the retail energy agreement. 

Under a Prisma Energy storage lease, the retail electric provider maintains operational control of the battery storage system and is the beneficiary of ancillary services revenue and energy arbitrage. Benefits to the retail customer can translate into a longer-term retail energy agreement.


  • No upfront capital expenditures with operating expenses which pay for themselves
  • Technology selection and design risk shifted to Prisma Energy
  • Procurement, delivery, and removal risk shifted to Prisma Energy
  • Reduces or eliminates need for capital expenditures/approvals
  • Prisma Energy can include finance for DC degradation to maintain system capacity over the term
  • Five-year system, component, and degradation warranty

Short-Term Lease

BESS Applications